New Essay for The Indianapolis Star – “Craft Beer Shows Why Americans Should Toast Deregulation”

I’m generally supportive of alcohol and tobacco. Even those that are not, however, might want consider the insights into politics and economics that the history of alcohol in America provides.

The transformation of the beer industry, for example, shows that governmental regulation often creates a monopoly supportive of big business, while deregulation and limited government empowers entrepreneurs, encourages cultural variety, and improves options for consumers. Needless to say, reality is opposite of the poison most pundits and politicians brew every day.

In my new article for the Indianapolis Star“Craft Beer Shows Why Americans Should Toast Deregulation” – I take readers through the colorful history of beer in America, and I end with a toast to President Jimmy Carter, who was most responsible for the deregulation of the beer industry, and a tribute to small government.

beerBefore Carter deregulated the beer industry, there were 73 breweries in the United States. Right now, there are 2, 416. Consider all the tax revenue, jobs, and beer America would lack if proponents of big government interference in small business won the debate. For more on the history, and for the truth behind the numbers, read the full article.