New Essay at Splice Today: A Cozy Allegory in a Cozy Mystery

Tim Hall is a man with answers. He is a man with humor. He is a man with guts. He is a brilliant writer. He is a friend of mine.

I’ve written about his work before with an essay about his autobiographical novels and a review of his collaboration to create a web comic.

In my first essay for Splice Today, I review his new mystery novel, Dead Stock. Dead Stock is a book that will make any lucid reader laugh, but the book is so full of insight and inspiration, that in between belly laughs, it will hit you in the same region, provoking introspection and examination of the culture in which Dead Stock‘s unlikely hero – Bert Shambles – lives.

Dead Stock

New Column for Indianapolis Star: Authoritarianism Comes from the Left and Right

The major disagreement of the two major political parties in America, along with the two major strains of political thought they represent, is over what right, freedoms, and liberties the government should revoke and remove from the people.

Seeing through the frivolity, distortion, and false dichotomy of two groups of autocrats fighting for control is revelatory in that it leads the citizen to adopt a political position of intelligence, mutual respect for other citizens, and libertarian consistency.

My friend Tim Hall – who is also one of my favorite novelists – helped me formulate this important insight over lunch one afternoon when he said, “There is no real liberalism in this country. There is left authoritarian and right authoritarian.”

The Hall way of moving through the bullshit of political debate is where I enter my new column for the Indianapolis Star. I encourage everyone to read it in full.