New Essay at Salon: Trump is the White Boomers’ Last Gasp – The Future Looks Bright Ahead

In my new essay for Salon, I explore an obvious issue of the current race, not receiving much attention. White male baby boomer nostalgia for their bygone era of cultural control has empowered the Trump movement. The mainstream media has given Trump a dramatic advantage by continually talking about how Americans are “angry” and “pessimistic,” and by broadcasting maudlin segments on the anxieties of the white working class. Studies and surveys demonstrate that blacks and Latinos are optimistic and hopeful about their own lives and American politics, while millennials are the most hopeful group in the entire country. Trump, with the media’s assistance, presents the disaffection of a narrow group – white baby boomers – as if it represents the mood of the entire nation.

Rapidly shifting demographics, and the increasingly liberal bent of Americans under the age of 45, should give everyone hope, even if the unthinkable happens, and Trump does pull off an unlikely upset. His vision is dying, and the story that he represents – the story of the conservative, chauvinistic white male baby boomer – is losing relevance with every day.

Regardless of the outcome on November 8th, the Trump campaign is the last gasp of the conservative white boomer.

Read the essay at Salon.