Recent Essays: Yellowstone, Howard Zinn, and Trump-Russia Criminality

In a recent column for Salon, I have reviewed the excellent new series starring Kevin Costner, Yellowstone, arguing that it uses America’s ongoing ecological destruction, along with the plight and predicament of Native Americans, to present an intriguing, but dark look at the emptiness of American culture.

For the American Conservative, I defended the late historian, Howard Zinn, against an attack from an American Conservative writer. Zinn was a true believer in the populist necessity to exert control over the reckless, and often cruel, application of power. His work is important and valuable.

My most recent column for Salon is an interview with Greg Olear, a novelist and journalist whose new book, Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia, is the most arresting and alarming explanation of the Trump-Russia connection I have found.