Love at the Juncture of Catastrophe: Himali Singh Soin’s Poetic Intervention in the Climate Crisis

In my new essay for CounterPunch, I write about the work of one of the most profound and brilliant poets and multidisciplinary artists, Himali Singh Soin. Her work provokes us to deeply consider the climate crisis, ecological destruction, nuclear radiation, and friendship and love. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the story. Read at CounterPunch.

New Essay at Washington Monthly: Timothy McVeigh and the Republican Party

In my new essay for the Washington Monthly, I review Jeffrey Toobin’s excellent book,¬†Homegrown: Timothy McVeigh and the Rise of Right-Wing Extremism. In a riveting chronicle and aggressive argumentation, the book makes clear that McVeigh’s ideology is now mainstream Republican Party politics. Read to learn more on how that ideology was responsible for the deaths of 168 people in Oklahoma, and now threatens American democracy.

Read at the Washington Monthly.

Interview with Anthony DiMaggio, a leading scholar on the threat of Right Wing Extremism

I recently interviewed one of the leading scholars on far right extremism – a great academic voice warning us about the dangers facing democracy – Anthony DiMaggio. DiMaggio is a political scientist at Lehigh University, and the author of several books on American politics, including the most recent, Rising Fascism in America: It Can Happen Here. Along with a team of researchers, DiMaggio is releasing groundbreaking and important studies of the prevalence of far right extremism in the US, critical to understanding the nature of the threat and how to mitigate it.

Read the interview at the Washington Monthly.

A Georgia O’Keeffe Painting and the Battle for the Soul of a Liberal Arts College

I wrote a story for the New Republic about the controversy at my alma mater, Valparaiso University. Administrators intend on selling three of the artistic treasures from its on campus art museum, including a painting by American icon, Georgia O’Keeffe, to fund a dormitory renovation. Trashing O’Keeffe is emblematic of the broader demolition of the liberal arts throughout education in the United States. However, students and faculty are leading an aggressive and intelligent resistance.

Read at the New Republic.

Arlington Road: The Conspiracy Thriller that Foresaw the Spread of Far Right Extremism

I have a new essay at CrimeReads. Part movie review and part political analysis, my new story delves into how Arlington Road, despite its flaws as a film, was prescient and profound regarding the threat of right wing terrorism in the United States.

Read at CrimeReads.

Appearance on Take on the South Podcast

I was thrilled to sit down for an interview with Kent Germany, an American historian, for the Institute for Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina’s podcast, Take On the South. We discussed the momentous life and influence of Jesse Jackson, paying particular attention to his formative years in South Carolina. Listen here!

A Review of Norman Mailer’s Political Writing

I have new essay in the Washington Monthly on the political work of Norman Mailer, and his strengths and weaknesses as a writer and social critic. He was prescient about the rise of fascist politics in the US, but off the mark on many other topics. Above all, he was fascinating, and composed some of the finest sentences in American literature. Read at the Washington Monthly.