End of The Year Update: Music, Politics, and Poetry

The website fell silent over the past few months. Appearances, however, are deceptive. What follows is a month-by-month update of my writing through the fall and winter.

September: I wrote an essay on the legendary Aretha Franklin, and the decline of soul and passion in American music for the American Conservative. I also interviewed Americana songwriting legend, Alejandro Escovedo, for Salon.

Be About It Press ran my first published poems.

October: I interviewed Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown, for No Depression.

November: This Zine Will Change Your Life, under the curation of the always brilliant Ben Tanzer, published my poem, “High School Night.”

I reviewed Take Good Care, the new record from The Revivalists, for No Depression.

At the American Conservative, I crossed into territory few writers dare explore by analyzing “political correctness” with a position equally sympathetic to its proponents and critics.

December: For the Los Angeles Review of Books, I wrote about how Edward Hopper’s depiction of America as a lonely and fractured society is stunningly applicable to a country under the leadership of Donald Trump.

In my newest essay, hot off the digital press, I lament and analyze the sad state of American culture, where romantic love is suddenly out of fashion

Enjoy your reading, and Happy New Year!