New Column for The Indianapolis Star: America Should Embrace Immigration

In my new column for the Indianapolis Star – “America Should Embrace Immigration”, I take advantage of the honesty privilege writers enjoy. I’m not running for office. So, I can hop directly onto the third rail and declare myself an advocate for open borders.

Read my explanation at the Indianapolis Star.


New Column for The Indianapolis Star – “Political Correctness about to Get Worse on College Campuses”

Last week, the Indianapolis Star ran my column on the tyranny of political correctness. Norman Mailer might have put it best when he said, “I detest political correctness. It is the enemy. There are many enemies, but they all come under the one rubric of one person telling another person how to think.”

It is not with the words of Mailer that I begin my column, but with the words of another artistic genius and free speech warrior – George Carlin. The hilarious and rebellious provocateur explained that in his life he had witnessed a shirt in which the biggest threat to free speech went from the hysterics of the right wing to the PC policing of the left wing.

carlinAs I make clear in the column, those who still value free thought, robust conversation, and flirtation should prepare for a battle, because the Department of Justice recently issued a new policy to all colleges that receive federal funding to hideously restrict the exercise of free speech.

Read about the policy and my indictment of it at the Indianapolis Star.

Major Announcement: I am Now a Columnist with the Indianapolis Star

Readers here have probably noticed that I’ve been writing political commentary regularly for the Indianapolis Star. I am happy to report that I have now joined the staff as a columnist. My column will appear once every two weeks. I’ll be writing tough essays on politics with a spirit of aggression. I’ll post all articles here. Stay tuned.



New Essay for the Indianapolis Star – “…Nanny State Attack on Freedom, Personal Choice”

I’ve hated the nanny state since Illinois passed its indoor smoking ban in 2007. I wrote a column in the (Joliet) Herald News condemning the oppressive move as an infringement on freedom, personal responsibility and choice, and private property rights.

Since then, several more states has passed smoking bans, many cities and counties have passed transfat bans, Las Vegas and Orlando have criminalized feeding the homeless outdoors, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel has mandated that Chicago vending machines include “healthy snakes.” Marijuana and narcotics remain illegal, and there are many proposals in New York City, Chicago, and elsewhere to expand restrictions on the consumptive and dietary habits of law abiding citizens.

In my new column for the Indianapolis Star, I write about the subtle tyranny of the nanny state, and I express contempt for “self-appointed school masters who satisfy their puny visions of grandeur by interfering in the lives of tax paying, free thinking adults, and believe those adults are too stupid to determine their own priorities and preferences.”

smokerHow, when, and why did liberals become the scolds? The same generation that took LSD, freely fucked in the mud, and played air guitar with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock now lecture people for smoking Marlboros, eating doughnuts, and using plastic bags. Worse, they’ve raised generations of younger people who have the same bizarre insistence on interjecting their own pathetic dogmas into the lives of those in their neighborhoods and cities.

As my new article makes clear, anyone who believes these so called “minor” violations are unworthy of our attention are in for a rude awakening. The “enlightened” elite have an agenda, and it includes forcing the unwashed masses into compliance with their lifestyle.

Those of us who prefer to be left alone should make that preference clear. That’s what my new essay is about.